Earl Grey Blue Star Loose Leaf Tea

A classic, black tea blend

A sophisticated English classic with bergamot oil & blue mallow flowers.


A cult favourite amongst our tea-lovers, our Earl Grey Blue is a star of a tea! Keemun black tea is infused with natural bergamot oil and a sprinkling of blue mallow & cornflowers for a classic, English brew that rivals James Bond for smooth sophistication.


Enjoy: on its own, with a slice of lemon, served 'on the rocks' as an iced tea with some fresh slices of orange and lemon.

Loose Leaf

Keemun black tea, natural bergamot oils, blue mallow flowers, cornflowers.

  • 5
    Best earl grey there is

    This is the perfect cup of early grey. Rich bergamot and well rounded flavor. I fell In love with it when I found it at a stall in Spitalfields market and now spend a fortune to ship to the US. It’s that perfect.

    by Jamie Kovarna