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Established 2004

Unique blends

Inspired by London

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Black Tea

Flavoursome & refreshing

To be enjoyed throughout the day. Shop blends

Green Tea

Delicate flavour full of antioxidants

A good pick me up any time of day. Shop blends

Red Tea

Caffeine free, rich in iron

An energy reviving tea. Shop blends

White Tea

Made from the youngest leaves

Low in caffeine, very high antioxidant with a delicate flavour. Shop blends

Herbal & Fruit Tea

Wide variety of caffeine free, flavoursome alternatives.

Health giving properties. Shop blends

Blue Tea

Exciting & magical

Naturally Blue in colour, add a slice of lemon and watch this tea turn bright purple. Shop blends

Matcha Tea

Ground down powdered tea high in antioxidants

Instant, just add hot water or milk. Shop blends

Tea Accessories

Brew and drink tea the way you should. Shop blends

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For when you need some help, view all our teas. Shop blends

About Yumchaa

Yumchaa began out of necessity. Although tea is the drink that fuels England, we struggled to find a decent brew anywhere in London! Fed up with tasteless, low grade tea bags served badly, we set out on a mission to bring England the tea it deserves. We travelled the world looking for inspiration, blending and brewing until we dropped and of course drinking many, many cups of tea.

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