Our Values

Tasty tea, quality tea, tea served right!


We’re on a mission to bring you tea as it should be – whole leaf and full of flavour. We say no to the bad, the boring and the bland. We are here to free your tea!

Tasty Tea

Tea snobs may turn up their nose at some of our blends (peanut butter & jam anyone?!). But our mission is to create the tastiest blends! We use all-natural ingredients and create blends which enhance the flavours of the humble Camelia Sinensis (tea) plant.

Quality Tea

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we only source the highest quality teas and ingredients. All our teas are sold whole leaf or in our signature “tea tents” and are handled with care to ensure that they are full of flavour when they reach your cup.

Tea Served Right

We don’t mind where you drink our tea and we don’t mind why! We do care how you drink it though. We are dedicated to ensuring all our tasty tea lovers are drinking the perfect brew. Whether it’s a classic pot or an elaborate, overnight cold brew, we’re here to help you bring the best out of our blends.