Chilli Chilli Bang Bang Loose Leaf Tea

A spicy, Rooibos blend

A double bang of spice and cinnamon with warming chilli and soothing ginger.


A lively blend that packs a punch, Chilli Chilli Bang Bang starts off with a fiery kick of chilli and ginger, but soon gives way to a soothing warmth and hints of sweet cinnamon. A feisty brew to put a spring in your steep!


Enjoy: on its own, with a splash of milk, as a tea latte, our favourite tea to have with hot chocolate.

Loose Leaf

Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, red peppercorns, chillis, safflower, flavouring, flavouring.

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    Spicy and delicious!

    Another long-time favourite tea blend. It's spicy and warming; just the ticket on an autumn or winter's day. I remember at the cafes they used to offer it mixed into hot cocoa... Oh man, that was divine!

    by Rachel