Chelsea Chai Loose Leaf Tea

A spicy and minty green tea blend

Traditional Chai spices are mixed up with a refreshing kick of spearmint brittle.


A unique free spirited twist on a traditional Chai's fiery flavours, Chelsea Chai is a bohemian blend with a hint of sweetness and an unexpectedly minty finish. With Sencha Green Tea, spices and spearmint brittle this refreshing brew also aides digestion and knocks out a cold.


Enjoy: On it's own, served 'on the rocks' an iced tea, with some fresh mint.

Loose Leaf

Sencha green tea, cardamom pods, ginger pieces, cinnamon pieces, black peppercorns, spearmint brittle.

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    Great flavour to boost your taste buds

    I absolutely love this blend of green tea and spices, it's warm, welcoming and an absolute pleasure to start my day. I've been drinking this tea for about 8 years or more. I'd love to be able to buy the 350gms online, as I live outside of London, but it's only occasionally available. I highly recommend this version of green tea, especially if you don't like green tea on it's own, and would like a health drink with lots of flavour.

    by Diane