Our Tea

Sweet, spicy, fruity or fiery?


Yumchaa  is tea (or ‘chaa’) that tastes yum! Our teas are sourced from the best tea gardens worldwide, blended with natural ingredients and hand packed in England. Tea need not be dull! We love mixing up tea, herbs, flowers, fruit pieces, spices and chocolate. Our range includes over 40 teas and infusions, all whole leaf and full of flavour.

Tasty tea is at the heart of everything we do. And to make a truly tasty cuppa it’s important to use whole leaf tea. Most tea bags contain crushed leaf fragments. When tea leaves are crushed up, the essential oils and compounds evaporate – you’re left with tea dust! Our whole leaf teas are different. The bigger leaves retain more of the essential oils that give tea its flavour. We never have to worry about minimum factory runs so our teas don’t sit on a shelf for months on end, leaving us free to create unique and one-off specialty blends.