Blueberry Hill Loose Leaf Tea

A sweet and fruity black tea blend

A creamy, berry-packed blend with pretty peony flowers & a hint of vanilla.


Creamy, fruity and ever so playful, Blueberry Hill is a tea best enjoyed with others. Real, dried blueberries and vanilla pieces are balanced by savoury rhubarb and finished with a sprinkling of pretty Peony flowers for a vibrant and lively brew that will have you 'spilling the tea' with friends all afternoon.


Enjoy: on its own, with a splash of milk, as a tea latte, perfect 'on the rocks' as an iced tea with a handful of fresh berries.

Loose Leaf

Keemun black tea, dried blueberry, rhubarb pieces, peony flowers, vanilla pieces, flavouring.

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    A great blend

    It’s a delicate and sweet tea blend, full of fruity flavour that smells wonderfully of blueberries and vanilla and lets you think of carefree summery days.

    by Justyna