Why Loose Leaf Tea?

Say no to tea bags and free your tea!


Tasty tea is at the heart of everything we do. And to make a truly tasty cuppa it’s important to use loose leaf tea. Most tea bags contain crushed leaf fragments. When tea leaves are crushed up, the essential oils and compounds evaporate – you’re left with tea dust!

Loose leaf tea is different. The bigger leaves retain more of the essential oils that give tea its flavour and because the leaves aren’t confined inside a tea bag they have space to swell, expand and unfurl – an important part of the brewing process.

Using loose leaf tea gives us more freedom too. We never have to worry about minimum factory runs so our teas don’t sit on a shelf for months on end. This also frees us up to create unique and one-off specialty blends using natural ingredients like chilli, chocolate and peppermint.