6 Benefits of Drinking Cold Brew Tea

6 Benefits of Drinking Cold Brew Tea


Cold brewing your Yumchaa Tea

If ‘put the kettle on’ are your four favourite words, we may just be about to change your life… What if we told you that you don’t need a kettle to make tea? You actually don’t need hot water at all!

Cold brewing is a process where tea leaves are steeped in cold water only and refrigerated overnight. Though chilled tea may sound like blasphemy, more and more tea lovers are swapping their hot mug for a cold cuppa. Here’s 6 reasons why.

1. It’s easy!

No faffing about with a tea pot and a kettle required! All you need to do is add a few spoons of tea and cold water to a bottle and leave it in the fridge overnight. Voila! You could use any drink bottle or jug, but we love Hario’s cold brew bottle. It has a built in filter so you can drink straight from the bottle and don’t even need to strain out the tea leaves.

2. It could be better for your health

When you steep tea in cold water there are less catechins and tannins, and it’s also a lot lower in caffeine. The tea is also higher in vitamin C. Less bitter tasting chemicals are released, so your tea will also taste sweeter and milder, and is therefore more complimenting of delicate flavours.

3. It’s sweet & sugar free

If you’re trying to give up sugar, cold brewed tea is a great option. The tea is naturally sweet and mild so you don’t need to add sugar, there’s no need. You’ll get a delicious, antioxidant rich drink that’s virtually calorie free. Swig your favourite brew throughout the day instead of sugary soft drinks or try serving it in chilled wine glasses with your dinner instead of wine.

4. It’s hydrating

Drinking chilled tea throughout the day is a delicious way to drink more water. Don’t worry about the old myth that the caffeine dehydrates you, the science shows that tea is in fact very hydrating. It’s 99% water after all!

5. You can create new flavours

Cold brewing is a great way to bring out new flavours in your old favourite teas if you’re a bit of a foodie. Try mixing two different teas together and playing around with how long you steep the teas (we love Jasmine + Sencha green tea for a delicate and refreshing all day drink or Courtesan + Lemon Sherbet for a fruity little number). You can be creative and add other ingredients to your cold brew bottle too. We love using orange peel, muddled berries, mint leaves, lavender and honey.

6. You can make it boozy!

Strictly for the 18 year olds and over.

In the mood for a cheeky cocktail? Add tea to your cold brew bottle and then fill it up with booze instead of water to create a tea infused spirit. Try adding Earl Grey Blue Star + gin. It’s a great flavour combination and will give your gin & tonic an extra kick!

Cold brew tea brewed in Soho, London.