Latte Milk Foamer


We are obsessed with this Hario milk frother! You can make deliciously light, frothy lattes without the need for any fancy equipment. It takes up no more space than a baby bottle and it really does work! It’s perfect for creating creamy and frothy iced coffees, chai lattes or tea lattes (see our chai latte and tea latte recipes).

It’s super easy to use. Just untwist the bottle and add cold milk. Shake it like a cocktail shaker for between 30 – 60 seconds (until you’ve achieved your desired level of foamy goodness!) The milk becomes foamed as it passes between the two chambers in the bottle. Then pop in the microwave if you’re after a hot drink.

Made by Japanese heat resistant glassware company Hario, this 700mL shaker is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Have a read of this rave review by the Huffington Post.

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