White Voodoo

A colour changing tea with Blue Pea flowers

White Voodoo is a Blue tea blend containing White Tea and Blue Butterfly Pea flowers. Blue pea flowers have been enjoyed in South East Asia for centuries. Packed with antioxidants and said to improve brain function, we’ve further optimised the health benefits of this tea by adding white tea packed of antioxidants.

Naturally a vivid blue in colour, add a slice of lemon and watch this tea turn bright purple right before your eyes! Could this be a naturally occurring change in the pH levels? Or could it be magic?? We’ll let you decide! One thing’s for sure, this enchanting blend is bound to leave you spellbound!

Enjoy: hot or cold, we love this blend served ‘on the rocks’ as an iced tea.


Pai Mu Tan white tea and blue pea flowers.

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