Yumchaa Christmas Tea Advent Calendar

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With great success and popular demand our Tea Advent Calendars are back.


Limited run so when they're gone, they're gone.


No need for a Chocolate Advent Calendar (even though we love chocolate) this year change things up.


Loaded with 24 different mouth-watering flavours in pyramid tea bags, yes we know and you read that right we have packed them in tea bags.


Ok so we can't keep the contents a secret so if you want to know what inside see below in the ingredients tab but if you don't want to know then don't read any further.


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- Cranberry/Rhubarb

Pear pieces, rose hip, hibiscus, beetroot, liquorice root, rhubarb pieces, cranberries

- Raspberry Lemon Sherbet

Apple dices, mango pieces, roasted chicory root, beetroot, pineapple dices, lemon granulate, raspberry fruit granulate

- Mango Mambo

Pineapple pieces, mango granulate, safflowers

- Crispy Dream

Apple pieces, cassia bark, pineapple pieces, oiled currants, roasted ALMONDS, beetroot, coconut rasps, puffed rice

- Chimney Sizzle

Apple pieces, fig pieces, date dices, cassia bark, ginger pieces, fig slices, ground cardamon, sunflower blossoms, red rose petals, crushed cloves

- Christmas Chimney

Apple pieces, hibiscus, rose hip peels, orange peels, chopped ALMONDS, red rose petals, red cornflowers, crushed cloves, ground cardamon, vanilla pieces

- Ginger/Tangerine

Roasted apple pieces, date dices, fig pieces, orange peels, ginger pieces, mandarin orange granulate

- Tiki Taka Tonka

Apple pieces, lemongrass, peppermint leaves, lemon peel, rose hip, ginger, ground tonka beans

- Pine Green

Green tea, apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, spruce sprouts, granulated NOUGART, green sugar fir tree

- Ginger/Lemon

Green tea, ginger pieces, lemon pieces, lemon fruit granulate

- Fairy Dew

Green tea, red rose petals, sunflower blossoms, blue cornflower blossoms

- Oolong Rice Pudding/Cinnamon

Oolong apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, puffed rice, roasted rice

- Milky Oolong Caramel Shake

Milky oolong, caramel cubes

- Cinnamon/Crème Brûlée

Rooibos, apple pieces, date dices, cinnamon pieces, caramel cubes, white sugar stars

- Almond Marzipan

Green rooibos, pineapple pieces, chopped ALMONDS, candy sugar

- Crispy Dream meets black tea

Black tea, apple pieces, cassia bark, oiled currants, pineapple pieces, chopped ALMONDS, coconut rasps, beetroot dices, organic puffed rice

- Masala Chai

Black tea, cinnamon pieces, ginger pieces, ground cardamon, black pepper, crushed cloves

- Earl Grey

Black tea

- Pecan Pie

Black tea, PECAN NUT kernels, WALNUTS, apple pieces, red rose petals, freeze-dried cherries

- China Sencha

Green tea

- Peppermint tea

Peppermint leaves

- Darjeeling 2nd flush FTGFOPI

Black tea

- Finest English Breakfast Tea

Black tea