FAQ’s about flavouring in our tea…


Flavouring in our teas:

Some Yumchaa teas contain ‘flavouring’. This means the tea is ‘flavoured’ or ‘scented’ to give it a stronger aroma and taste. In our opinion, the process of flavouring teas is a good thing, the term just gets a bad rep because it’s misunderstood! People often think ‘flavouring’ relates to harmful nasties. But in the tea world, we’re not talking about a load of artificial chemicals that are impossible to pronounce!

We’re very choosy when it comes to our teas. We only use ingredients we trust, which are of course perfectly safe and non-harmful to consume. The ‘flavourings’ we use have no nutritional content, no sugar and no calories. The process of scenting or flavouring just adds a nice aroma and enhances the taste of the ingredients in your tea. ‘Flavouring’ and ‘scenting’ is actually a common practice that has been used for centuries. Read on to find out more about how flavouring is used in the tea industry and why we do it.

What do you mean by ‘flavouring’ tea?

‘Flavouring’ or ‘scenting’, has been used for centuries to make tea tastier! Two of the most common examples are ‘Jasmine’ tea and ‘Earl Grey’ tea. Jasmine tea is usually a mix of green tea and dried Jasmine flowers. The oils from the Jasmine flowers impart their flavour to the tea. In modern times, the tea may have the Jasmine oil sprayed directly onto it instead. This is to make the process more efficient and the flavour stronger. Another famous ‘flavoured’ tea is Earl Grey, which is tea that has been sprayed with natural oil from the bergamot plant, giving it a citrusy taste.

Is your flavouring natural?

At Yumchaa we use only ‘natural’ or ‘nature identical’ flavourings in our teas.

What is ‘nature identical’ flavouring?

Due to EU regulations, to be allowed to label something ‘natural’, 95% of the ingredients in it need to be the name of the ingredient. So, for example to say that something has ‘natural’ apple flavouring, 95% of the ingredients must be apples.

These days, the components that give apple it’s flavour can sometimes be made more efficiently in a lab and strangely enough, sometimes a mix of other fruit oils might create a more ‘appley’ flavour than we get from actual apples! So, if our flavouring isn’t made from 95% apples, but instead contains a mix of other natural ingredients, then this is when we’d call it ‘nature identical flavouring’. The flavouring might be mixed up in a lab, but it’s perfectly safe and this is a very standard practice in the tea industry.

Why do you use flavourings?

The reason we use flavourings at Yumchaa is because we’re committed to making yummy, tasty tea! We know our tea lovers aren’t looking for a bland or boring brew! Sometimes the ingredients in our tea such as fruit pieces might not give a strong enough flavour, so we use some scenting and flavouring to enhance it.

Is there a lot of flavouring in your tea?

The amount of flavouring in our teas is minimal. We add just enough flavouring to pick up on the natural ingredients in your tea and give it a little extra kick!


To sum it up, Yumchaa teas mainly contain tea, herbs, fruits, flowers and spices. We only work with suppliers we trust and we only use ‘natural’ or ‘nature identical’ flavouring. You’re getting all the health benefits of tea with no harmful chemicals, no calories and no nutritional content at all from the flavouring.

Free to drop us a line if you’d like more info on our flavoured teas, our unflavoured teas, or more info on the nutritional content / allergens for any of our blends: info@yumchaa.co.uk