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Our Top 6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost that time of the year again! Christmas is over, Valentine’s Day is approaching and you’re looking for that perfect gift for your better half? We could surely help you out in choosing the best gift for your partner.

Here are the Top 6 recommended Valentine’s Day gifts from the Yumchaa team:

1. Caramel Cookie

Caramel Cookie

Try not to melt away with our Caramel Cookie! The tasty sweetness of almonds and chocolate, rose water and selected spices blended with aromatic black tea would make it impossible for you to resist.

2. Raspberry Vanilla

Raspberry Vanilla

Add a little bit of sweetness to this special day with our Raspberry Vanilla, a sweet and gentle combination of Rooibos, ripples of raspberry, vanilla pieces and pretty rose petals that proves the best things in life are tea!

3. White Voodoo

White Voodoo

Awake the butterflies with Blue Butterfly Pea flowers from our White Voodoo! Try to add a slice of lemon to capture the magic!

4. Mugs

Find the perfect mug for your right One. You can choose between our “I like big cups and I cannot lie” or “Tea is always the answer” mug! Perfect for enjoying nice, big cups of tea at any time.

5. Postcard

You’re my cup of tea!

It is the little things that matter in life. Share the love with our cute little postcard. It’s always best to say it with a cuppa tea!

6. Tea pot

Tea pot

Our Yumchaa teapot set would keep your tea at the right temperature, perfect for long evenings and cosy evenings.

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