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Traditional British Teas

Traditional British Teas

The story of tea began 5000 years ago in China. Tea was initially drunk as a medicine. However, Europe was exposed to tea in 17th century . The Dutch followed by the Portuguese and then, the British were the pioneer tea traders and tea consumers.

Catherine of Braganza who married Charles II in 1662 made drinking tea a trend in England. Tea was available just in small amounts initially at a very high price which made it a drink for royals and wealthy people since The East India Company owned the world’s largest monopoly. Ordinary people were disappointed for being deprived of that elixir.

In the 18th century, higher taxes,  Opium Wars with China and other circumstances led to a crisis in Britain. Demand for more tea at a lower price forced the British to experiment with producing their own tea across their empire in Asia (India and Sri Lanka) and eventually in Africa. They succeeded and that’s how tea became viral in England!

Now time has changed, tea lovers around the world count on Britain as their first choice to get the Traditional Teas. Today, we proudly introduce you to our Traditional British blends: Earl Grey, Jasmine and Assam. 5000 years of history in a cup of tea.Traditional British Teas

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