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Blue Tea: Everything You Need To Know

The colour changing tea you’ve probably never heard of!

Brightly coloured ‘mermaid’ and ‘unicorn’ beverages have been a big Instagram trend lately. But if like us, you’re not a fan of sugar, syrups and sprinkles then we have some good news! Sometimes nature can be far more magical! Blue Voodoo is a brightly coloured ‘blue tea’. It changes from blue, to a brilliant purple colour with just a squeeze of lemon juice. Amazingly, this transformation is 100% natural! How can this be a real thing and why have I never heard of this magical tea, you ask? We’ve got the answers to all your questions!

What is blue tea?

We call our Blue Voodoo blend a ‘blue tea’ because it contains ‘blue pea’ flowers (sometimes called ‘butterfly pea’ flowers). These flowers are native to South East Asia, where they have been brewed to make tea since ancient times.

blue pea flower
The Clitoria ternatea commonly know as ‘Blue Pea’ flower or ‘Butterfly Pea’ flower, native to South East Asia


Blue tea, or ‘blue pea flower tea’ has been enjoyed for centuries in Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Malaysia, where the flowers are also commonly used in cooking. In Bali, blue tea is a medicinal mainstay called, Bunga telang and used to treat everything from inflammation to eye disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, blue pea flowers are said to improve vitality and even raise libido. In Ayurvedic medicine, blue pea flowers are ascribed with memory enhancing, anti-stress and anti-depressant properties.

blue pea - pulut tekanPulut Tekan a rice dish with blue pea flowers popular in Malaysia and Singapore

Does blue tea have any health benefits?

We did some research on the blue pea flower and here’s what people say:

  • High in antioxidants: Blue pea flowers contain antioxidants called proanthocyanidins, which may help prevent and repair cellular damage from free oxygen radicals (according to a study here).
  • Anti-aging: Blue pea flowers contain anti glycation, which according to this study, may fight the signs of ageing in the skin (we’ll take that!).
  • Anti-inflammatory & analgesic (pain relieving) properties: Blue pea flowers have been used to treat eye disease because they act as a natural anti-inflammatory. You can read more here.
  • Improve memory & brain function: One study found that blue pea flowers might assist with memory and brain function, because the flowers help increase Acetylcholine, a chemical that’s important for communication in the brain. As we age, the brain stops being able to produce as much Acetylcholine.

blue tea colour Blue Voodoo: blue tea served with and without a squeeze of lemon juice

Blue Voodoo: colour changing properties

Blue Voodoo tea is naturally a vivid, blue colour thanks to the blue pea flowers in the blend. Depending on the strength and how long you brew the tea for, it will start out a turquoise green colour, then change to a deeper blue. Because blue pea flowers are sensitive to changes in pH levels, adding a slice of lemon will cause the tea to turn bright purple almost instantly! This doesn’t affect the properties of the tea but it’s pretty fun to watch!

blue voodoo picBlue Voodoo‘blue tea’ blend with blue pea flowers, green tea, goji berries, lemongrass & pomegranate seeds

Blue Voodoo

Our ‘Blue Voodoo’ blend has been designed to optimise the benefits of blue tea. We’ve blended blue pea flowers with complimentary herbs and fruits including goji berries (a super food), lemongrass, pomegranate flowers and antioxidant rich green tea. You can enjoy this tea hot or cold. Serve it with a slice of lemon and enjoy the magic!

  • Dorthe Knight

    Is this caffeine free?

    • chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

      Hi Dorthe, the Blue Voodoo blend contains green tea, so it is not caffeine free. This tea contains much less caffeine than black tea but does contain some caffeine. Hope this helps!

  • Theresa Gonzales

    Is the Blue Voodoo Tea available in the U.S. or do you ship there? Thank you.

    • chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

      Hi Theresa, yes we ship world wide! Postage costs are calculated by weight, which will be displayed before you check out. If you have any questions or need any help checking out, you can email me at: chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

      Best, Chloe.

      • Julia Heggen

        I attempted to order the Blue Voodoo and it is out of stock. Will it be back in stock soon?

  • Erin Leavitt

    When will the Blue Voodoo be available to ship to the U.S.? Thanks.

  • Lyndsi Martin

    When will the blue voodoo be back in stock please? Thank you!

    • chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

      Hi Lyndsi, we expect to have it back in 2 weeks. You can now pre-order it here: https://yumchaa.co.uk/product/blue-voodoo

      • Lyndsi Martin

        Thank you but the link still takes me to the page that tells me its out of stock. Could you send me a protest form for 2 bags of the blue voodoo and I can go ahead and pay?

        • chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

          Hi Lyndsi, sorry you’re having trouble. The old page could be cached in your browser. Try closing your internet browser and opening it, or clearing your cache. If you’re still having trouble drop me an email: chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

  • Ang Ela

    When do you expect the blue voodoo back in stock?

  • chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

    Hi Sherrie, glad you’re excited! We expect to have it back in 2 weeks. You can now pre-order it here: https://yumchaa.co.uk/product/blue-voodoo

    • Sherrie Torres

      link didnt allow me to pre order said couldnt find anything then brought me to page with tea info and that it is out of stock and unavailable

      • Sherrie Torres

        I clicked on one of the other links you provided in another response below and that one worked properly. Just placed my order. So excited and cannot wait to receive my tea!!!

        • Otilia Onea

          Glad it worked! Thank you for your order and hope you enjoy your tea! Let us know what you think 🙂

  • Jonathan D Carter

    LOVE the blue voodoo! Just made some today- THANK YOU!!!
    What is the cafeeine content?

    • chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

      Hi Jonathan, so glad to hear you love the tea 🙂 this blend contains green tea, so it does contain a medium level of caffeine, (but less than black tea or coffee).

  • Rachel Pedersen

    Collected my bag of Blue Voodoo today as i missed delivery yesterday and with out without the added lemon this tea looks, smells and tastes beautifully. ^_^ I will look forward to ordering more in the near future. Have had 2 large cup fulls this evening. 😉 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/34857043b50a6f4f1ef83d288eca82ec5beb6004cb754b948beb6610d48a68d8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7a98eac39437f64503d9900c0786b4f4ce975edf4f01fd3f5cf62153a0c6dfea.jpg

    • chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

      Hi Rachel, thanks for the lovely feedback, happy brewing 🙂

  • Crystle Rydzewski Mizer

    I just got mine today! Thank you 🙂 So excited to try it. Smells like bubble gum!

    • chloe@yumchaa.co.uk

      Hi Crystle, let us know what you think after you’ve tried 🙂

  • queen_crimson@hotmail.com

    have you got blue voodoo back in stock now? I placed an order a while back and I never realized that it did not go through as this was out of stock?

    • Otilia Onea


      Blue Voodoo is now back in stock and we are doing our best to see each order through. If you have any specific questions regarding your order could you please drop us a line at info@yumchaa.co.uk? Thank you !

  • Amanda J Alford

    I pre ordered blue voodoo and ordered a couple other teas on the 3rd. Do you have any idea when it will be shipped?

    • Otilia Onea

      Hi Amanda,

      Blue Voodoo is now back in stock and we are working around the clock to see each pre-order through ! Your order should be shipped in the next week or so 🙂

      Hope this helps !

      • Amanda J Alford

        It does, thank you so much!

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