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10 perfect presents for tea lovers!

Put on the kettle and skip the queues at Oxford Circus, we’ve got you covered with 10 perfect present ideas!


1. This chai making kit for £25.50:

Because honestly, who doesn’t like chai? The magic filter is also great for making tea lattes, tea and iced tea.



2. This little guy (who won’t break the bank!) £5

Our ManaTEA in cup tea infuser is perfect for brewing loose leaf tea right in your cup!


3. A ticket to a tea tasting evening £25.00

Sip your way through some classic teas and learn a bit more about your favourite beverage. Our tea masterclass has 2 dates available in January. The perfect (detox friendly) gift!



4. An essential ‘tea for one’ set £10.50

A two in one china teapot and tea cup that fits together. Essential for any true tea purist and on sale now for £10.50 (bargain much!)

5. This chai tea and chai scented candle

Because again, who doesn’t like chai? The large and luxurious chai scented candle is a collaboration with Yumchaa and local Candle makers Spry. It’s handmade in the U.K. with natural wax.

6. This luxury tea lover’s lip balm set £11.50

We love supporting other small businesses. This lip balm set by Pin Wheel Lip Balms includes 3 luscious lip sticks with green tea oils, beeswax from local bee hives, avocado oil, shea butter and other natural and nourishing ingredients.

7. This juicy ‘Spiced Apple & Pear Pie Tea’ and ‘perfect teaspoon’ £8.50

This naturally sweet rooibos blend is a Yumchaa Christmas special. It’s naturally caffeine free and sweet. The ‘perfect teaspoon’ gives you the correct measure for one perfect cup of tea (no more guess work!)

 8. This matcha making kit

Matcha is a powdered form of green tea with roughly 10 x the antioxidants of a cup of green tea. This matcha making kit includes a tin of high quality matcha powder sourced from Japan, bamboo matcha whisk, ceramic bowl and stainless steel spoon. For directions on making matcha we’ve got a recipe for you here

9. The activiTEA bottle for the tea lover on the go!

With an in built tea infuser, this 10 oz bottle is perfect for enjoying your tea on the go. Sip in style on the bus or at your desk.

10. This yummy Chocolate Ginger Snap tea and a tea egg

Because just when you thought tea couldn’t get any better we went and added chocolate! This sweet and spicy rooibos blend is naturally caffeine free with chunks of chocolate and Christmas spices. The tea egg infuser let’s you brew tea right in your cup.

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