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5 Reasons to Drink Matcha

So what is all this Matcha business about? If you don’t know much about Matcha, we’ll make it simple: it’s is a powdered form of green tea which is made by grinding up the entire tea leaf. Because the leaf is powdered up, just a small amount of matcha is chocked full of the good things your body needs. It’s super concentrated and super potent. Think of it as the Chuck Norris of green tea! Here’s 5 reasons why you need it in your life:


One cup of Matcha contains around 10 times the antioxidants of a cup of green tea and it’s higher in antioxidants than any other known food or drink. Plus the specific type of antioxidant that Matcha contains is the heavy weight of the antioxidant world (a flavonoid called EGCG if you want to get technical). It’s the most potent and the most beneficial for boosting your immune system. Matcha is so high in antioxidants because when you drink matcha you’re ingesting the whole leaf. Think about making green tea like making spinach – you boil up the leaf in water, but then imagine you were to throw away the spinach and just drink the spinach water. You’re missing out on all that leafy goodness! When you drink matcha you’re ingesting the whole leaf (matcha is made from powdering up the whole tea leaf), so you’re getting a whole lot more goodness out of the plant.


Matcha is high in an energy boosting amino acid called L-Thenanine. It also contains caffeine for that extra kick, but unlike a cup of coffee Matcha releases caffeine to your body gradually. You get a sustained release of energy that will keep you feeling alert and focused for longer without that jittery feeling and without the mid-morning caffeine crash a coffee can cause.


Another effect of L-Theanine is that it aides with concentration by helping your body make dopamine and serotonin. In fact, buddist monks have used matcha for centuries to aide concentration during meditation. Matcha has been big in Japan for quite some time, but it’s only lately that it’s begun to catch on in the West, as all of the amazing health benefits of this super drink have to come to light.


Matcha is grown in the shade, which makes it super high in chlorophyll (the stuff that makes leaves green). Chlorophyll helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your cells. This allows your body to cleanse and regenerate itself (hello hangover destroyer…)


Matcha has also been shown to naturally speed up your metabolism without raising blood pressure, so (together with hitting the gym and laying off the donuts of course) it can help promote weight loss.

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